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In memory of Marcos and Maria Correa.
Our corporate business name is Missions Reaching Out Compassionately (MROC) International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) founded in Miami, Florida in 2006.
We are a charitable partnering team and networking group of individuals.  We support and sponsor community organizations, churches, civic events and activities that help the betterment of all people.  We believe that regardless of our differences helping others is the basic tenant that unifies all people.  Love thy neighbor and the Golden Rule are principles that change lives for the better.  If you help people, God will help you.
Our history began in 2003, when a Miami Pastor challenged his congregation to form home bible study groups to do life together.  This lead to the formal creation of MROC in February of 2006, now doing business as Miami Nonprofit.

We now have decades of partnering with community organizations and individuals, providing resources and much needed assistance in building better lives.


We are a Christ centered organization, lead by like-minded  individuals that believe that blessing others is the greatest calling. 

Our Mission/ Vision Statement is simple:​ 


"Help give love through support and serving other."


​We partner with others like The Correa Foundation, to financially support programs and projects that are spearheaded by all types of groups, individuals, associations, and government organizations.  


Our team has helped bring much needed support and assistance to those in unfortunate circumstances. We encourage people to get involved in helping others to change lives for the better.


All those supporting Miami Nonprofit/MROC believe that helping to improve the lives of children, families and communities is the most noble of all actions.

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