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In memory of Marcos and Maria Correa.

The transformation of the Cuban Government in 1959 from a free democracy to a murderous communist dictatorship caused many to migrate and be exiled in other countries. Marcos and Maria Correa, both young University Graduates and educators, fled their island nation with their daughter Marilyn to the United States for a better life. They settled in Miami, Florida ultimately raising five children who attended and graduated from Miami Senior High School, a Miami-Dade County Public School. After decades away from their beloved homeland, which they spoke of regularly, Marcos and Maria have passed on to their heavenly resting place. They created a prosperous future for themselves and their family that misses their presence daily. Their children have gone on to achieve successful careers, families, and the value of freedom.  The Correa family appreciates the importance of having the opportunity to pursue higher education. In their honor, their five children grandchildren and great-grandchildren keep their memory alive through The Correa Foundation.

To celebrate the history of Marcos and Maria and to help others in seeking a better life, The Correa Foundation has sponsored
The C Farmhouse and along with other community engagement initiatives.

Each year The Correa Foundation provides funds to maintain The C Farmhouse and to support projects of interest to the Correa Family.  

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The Correa Foundation
A Fiscal 501(c)3 Sponsor of Missions Reaching Out Compassionately International Inc.

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