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We hope the LINKS and RESOURCES on this page can assist you. We do not endorse the links provided.  They are for informative purposes only. If a link is not working or if you want to add a helpful link email us.

By dialing “211” in Florida those who need assistance can be referred, and sometimes connected, to appropriate agencies and community organizations in their area.

Whatever you are facing rest assure that help and hope are always the best options. NEVER think you are alone, call 988 if you are thinking about hurting yourself, you are not alone, that is a LIE.

If you or someone you know needs emergency assistance with food, clothing or other FREE community services in Miami, Florida please complete a referral form online and select Miami Nonprofit as the agency making referral.

Volunteers at Food Bank
Volunteers Serving Food
Receiving Donations at Clothing Drive

We have partnered with the Share Your Heart (SYH) program. With few exceptions within 48 hours someone will reach out to help the person you are referring needing assistance. You can call 786.362.5870 for more information on SYH.

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