At Miami Tactical we are honored to partner with our community. Whether it's a product, service, campaign, initiative or promoting your program we can help. In today’s business world, strategies and networking are of vital importance. Knowing who to contact and what to do to help improve your outcomes requires expertise.


Some of our ASK (Awareness, Skills, Knowledge) areas are:

Public Safety, Security & Crisis Management Training

Administrative & Logistical Program Support

Educational, Career & Faith-based Outreach Assistance


Our experts have a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over decades of experience.  We have an unmatched set of capabilities and talents to help you achieve your mission and objectives.

We take pride in participating in the many opportunities available to us through the various Miami Community Outreach Partnerships (MiamiCOP). click here for more


Our network is here ready to assist you with holistic strategies to accomplishing specific goals.

Contact us to discuss objectives or for referral information at


We embrace the opportunity to assist you. 

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