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Our company symbol was designed to be a simple identifier, but it took on a life of its own. It started with a capital letter “M” on top of a capital letter “T.” Together the letters seem to form an image that represented a person lifting their arms upwardly. We immediately knew this image captured the essence of what Miami Tactical was all about.  We are an organization that raises its arms up in the joy found through the uplifting of others in our communities. We find reward as we cheer on our clients to succeed.  Inadvertently when we lift up our arms in an outreach motion we symbolize the letter “V” that for us represents VICTORY.  In the center top portion of the logo between the "V" is a dot. This signifies our minds which is where the battlefield of ideas and the imagination of a better future begins. The logo is wrapped in a circle, or letter "O" that stands for OUTREACH.

The Miami Tactical logo has now become a distinguishing mark that inspires and represents many things to different people.  It’s an identifier in a city on the leading edge of helping others.  A city that has embraced many exiled refugees and given them the opportunity of growing their faith, family and freedom.  Our logo serves as a symbol for those who believe in something greater than themselves representing our passion in serving our clients and communities daily as we “fight the good fight.”   Click Here To See Our Logo 

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The word "tactical" comes from the Greek meaning "art of arrangement."
When something is tactical, it is artfully arranged, or planned.
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