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Miami Community Outreach Partnerships (MiamiCOP), an initiative led by Miami Tactical LLC in collaboration with sister organizations, aims to forge partnerships with individuals and groups by offering logistical support. Our mission encompasses a wide spectrum of assistance to fortify and enrich our communities, focusing on areas such as safety, faith-based initiatives, education, training, and media. Drawing from decades of expertise, our career specialists are dedicated to achieving desired outcomes.
Similarly, our initiative, Training, Education And Community Help (MiamiTEACH), is dedicated to empowering through education. We deliver tailored educational programs and professional development training, including specialized tutoring services.
Our approach involves providing services that encompass training, acquired skills, and active community engagement to generate tangible improvements in outcomes. For instance, while many prioritize visible security measures, we emphasize the value of knowledge and intelligence in ensuring genuine safety. Awareness, Skills, and Knowledge (ASK) form the cornerstone of our success-oriented strategies in consulting and training on safety solutions.
Our primary focus lies in assisting clients, their programs, and community endeavors through an array of bridging opportunities and collaborative partnerships. For more details on how our seasoned team of skilled professionals can support your safety, educational, training, or community outreach needs, please reach out to Miami Tactical at
Moreover, our dedication to helping our communities has lead us to partner with the Share Your Heart Program. This allows individuals to direct those in need of emergency assistance such as food, clothing, or other free community services, via a referral form to online to help. Visit the online referral form and  select Miami Nonprofit as the referring agency for swift assistance.


Thank you for doing your part in helping us help others.

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