MiamiCOP short for Miami Community Outreach Partnerships, is a campaign to partner with individuals and organizations through logistical support.  We provide assistance in a multitude of areas to help enhance our communities. Some of those areas are, but not limited to, safety, faith-based, education, training and media.  Our career experts help provide decades of experience to achieve desired outcomes.

MiamiTEACH likewise is the campaign of empowering through Training, Education And Community Help (TEACH).  We provide professional development training and tailored educational programs, to include special area tutoring.

We provide services through training, learned skills and community involvement to make the difference in your outcomes. For example; the untrained don't understand what skilled professionals know that real safety and security go beyond what you see. Most seek protection but an ounce of intelligence is worth more than a pound of perceived safety.  People feel better with what they see rather than what they know, but knowledge is the key to success.  That is why when it comes to consulting and training our clients on safety solutions we take a coordinated approach. We target safety concerns and the elements of those concerns through proven strategies. We also educate on the perspective that what we know impacts what we see.

What we do is help our clients, their programs and community projects through our multitude of bridge-the-gap opportunities and partnerships.

For more information on how our tenured group of skillful professionals can assist in supporting your safety, educational, training or community outreach needs please contact us at