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The word "tactical" traces its roots to the Greek word "taktikos," meaning "of, relating to, or skilled in tactics" or "arranged or ordered." The Greek noun "taktike" denotes the art or science of military tactics, giving rise to the English word "tactics."

The earliest recorded instance of the word "tactical" in English dates back to the early 16th century. Initially employed solely in a military context, it referred to the methods and techniques of warfare. Over time, however, the word's meaning has expanded to encompass any situation where a plan or strategy is implemented to achieve a specific objective.

In contemporary usage, the word "tactical" is often used with the word "strategic." While "strategic" refers to a long-term plan or goal, "tactical" encompasses the short-term actions or plans undertaken to achieve that goal.

Many who hear the word 'tactical' think guns, military, police and combative situations.

We can help in those areas also if requested, but we rather civil and diplomatic strategies. 


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